Carew Castle, Pembrokeshire

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Continuing with the castle theme and specifically castles in West Wales, this is Carew Castle in Pembrokeshire. Carew Castle is an 11th century castle originally built by Gerald de Windsor. It is only ten miles from another famous castle, Pembroke Castle (more on Pembroke Castle in a later post). It was renovated several times over the years. Most of what we see today is from the 14th century with some later 16th century modifications. During the 17th century Civil War much of it was destroyed so neither Roundhead or Royalist could use it. It was never used again. The adjacent Tidal Mill is the only restored tidal mill in Wales and only one of five in the United Kingdom.

Fun Fact: In the 16th century, Sir Rhys ap Thomas was said to rule that corner of Wales like a king…

Pembrokeshire Coast website is here.

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Carew Castle
Carew Castle
Tidal Mill

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