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Hidcote Manor Gardens, or Hidcote as everyone knows it, is a beautiful National Trust garden situated near Chipping Camden in Gloucestershire.  While Hidcote lavender is famous throughout the world for its quintessentially English qualities of fragrance and color, it’s birthplace within the depths of Gloucestershire, also holds many interesting  and surprising facts. Hidcote is for all intents and purposes an American interpretation of the essential quslities of an English country garden. As National Trust gardens go it isn’t even that old. Lawrence Johnston and his mother Gertrude Winthrop came to England from the US in 1900.  In 1907, Mrs Winthrop purchased the Hidcote Estate. At this time it was surrounded by fields and Lawrence decided to design and build the wonderful gardens to enhance the aesthetic of the property. He spent much of the next decade creating the garden and by the mid 1920’s, 12 gardeners worked for him. The garden is known as an Arts and Crafts Garden, very much in tune with the movement of the early 20th century. The garden was given to the National Trust in 1947. Today the Natilnal Trust keep Hidcote as authentic as possible and it is one of the most beautiful in the country. See also my other blogs Wheelbarrows and Gardens or An English Country Garden. While Beautiful Flowers also has information on other NT gardens.

Fun Fact: In nearby Broadway, there was an Anglicized American community of artists and craftspeople. The Johnstons were not alone!

As usual see the National Trust handbook or here for more information on Hidcote.

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