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I have seen quite a few London scenes posted lately, most featuring the iconic red London bus, either the new models or the well known older models, do I thought I would play around with this photo of Central London and see how a black and white interpretation of the buses would look. It is interesting that the picture instantly looks as if it was taken many years ago and interesting too that the buses are almost invisible. See the second photo for the color version. Anyway, here are a couple of facts about London buses:

Fun Fact: Horse drawn omnibus service began in London in 1829

Extra Fun Fact: Today 8000 buses run on 700 routes around London.

Extra, Extra Fun Fact: 1.8 billion passenger journeys are completed every year in London.

For a fun way to get around London and see some sights, check out the Transport for London websiteΒ where you can find all the info on getting around.

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