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Well it’s probably not long until we get snow on this side of the pond, even in the Pacific Northwest. But what about in Britain, what are the facts and likelihood of snow? Is there any time you need to avoid if you travel over the winter? Apparently at least one flake of snow has to fall for there to be declared a “white Christmas” in the UK. There is on average a white Christmas every two years, somewhere in the country. But an actual white Christmas with plenty of snow? That has only happened four times in 54 years – so it’s not likely to impact your plans…unless…you go north to Scotland where it is a 50-50 chance. London has only a 25% chance of snow falling at Christmas this year…However, snow has already fallen in the Scottish Highlands and Yorkshire Dales with more forecast for the coming weekend, Dec 2nd and 3rd. So the moral is, snow is unlikely unless you are visiting higher elevated areas of the North – so take a chance and enjoy all the wonderful lights, trees and displays this Christmas time and even if it snows and everything comes to a standstill…enjoy!!!


Fun Fact: The last widespread white Christmas was in 2010 and this year it is thought it will be too warm for snow in most places on Christmas Day.

For more info on a white Christmas and the weather check out the UK Met Office website.

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