A Brief History of Rugby🏉🏉🏉

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Aah rugby today. These pics are actually taken from a great rugby program we have in Oregon, appropriately called Rugby Oregon. Rugby is a great cultural experience if you want to experience both sport and tradition in Britain and as the 6 Nations Championship is going to kick off soon in Europe, I thought I would find out something about it’s history. The different countries all have different traditions, mascots, etc. Wales for example literally has rugby in its blood and playing for Wales is the highest honor anyone can achieve. Attend a game there and hear the singing and passion for the game. Anyway, a brief history:

1. The game is claimed to have started when William Webb Ellis picked up the ball and ran with it during a game of football at Rugby school in 1823.

2. The first rules and teams were the Cambridge Rules set up in 1839.

3. In 1871, both the Rugby Football Union is established in a London pub and England play Scotland in the first international.

4. In 1882 the first International Championship is played between England, Wales, Scotland and Ireland. In 1910 France joins to make the Five Nations Championship.

5. 1987 was the year of first World Championship.

For more on the Six Nations Championship see here and for a brief history of rugby see this article.

Fun Fact: The Five Nations becomes six with the addition of Italy in 2000.

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