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This is a photo taken at the Tower of London. More info can be seen on my Tower of London post, Secrets of the Tower, but I thought today that I would take a look at the history of the British Army. The British Army was established in 1660, although the New Model Army of Oliver Cromwell was established in 1645 and disbanded in 1660. Before these armies, there were many disparate armies, many belonging to the landed classes who needed them to guard their castles and so on. The order of rank was based upon the English model and Scottish and Irish regiments were required to follow suit. While today the army has been reduced in both regiments and numbers, the highly skilled elite regiments such as the SAS are still an extremely important component of the British Army as they take on operations around the world.

Fact: Of course the British Army has been involved in many famous wars, battles and operations throughout the world and by the end of WW2, for example, over 3.5 million mostly young men had enlisted. In 2015 however, the numbers were down to 92,000 men and women.

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