The Undersea World 

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Today we have the Undersea World - a ubiquitous tourist attraction that you can find throughout the world in many different forms. I have been on glass bottom boat trips on the Great Barrier Reef off the coast of Queensland, Australia and in submarines off the Cayman Islands in the Caribbean. A long time ago, and I expect it is banned now, I walked on the reef near Mombasa, Kenya. Scuba diving and snorkeling obviously rank high in the list of activities too as do Aquariums found in many cities. Here are a few links for Undersea activities…

Scuba diving: Learn here…

Aquariums: The ten largest in the world, explore here.

Glass bottom boat tours: The top ten glass bottom boat tours in Australia.

Submarine tours: The top ten in the US.

Fun Fact: The largest aquarium in the world houses over 100,000 sea creatures♀♀突突喫喫

Where is it? Atlanta, Georgia, USA.

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