Crater Lake, Oregon 🌲🌲🌋🌋⛰⛰

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Crater Lake, Oregon, USA today! And because I have a bit of an interest in geology, here are a few interesting facts:

1. Crater Lake, situated in Southern Oregon, is the result of a collapsed volcano called Mount Mazama. The island, Wizard Island, is the cone.

2. Crater Lake is a National Park.

3. Before collapse, Mount Mazama was about 12,000 feet, today, Crater Lake is just over 8,000 feet high.

4. It last erupted in 2290BCE!

Fun Tip: Stay at the lodge situated 1000 feet above the lake. Fantastic views and the drive is stupendous! The lodge was built in 1915 and retains many original features. For more info see their website.

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