Fruit and Vegetable Carving 🥕🥒🥔🍓🍉🥝

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Well today I thought I would just look through my Flickr photos and see what caught my eye…well this first photo is from a cruise to the Caribbean 20 years ago – wow! Anyway suffice to say that one of the best (along with ice carving) demonstrations on board is the fruit and vegetable carving demonstration…this is not a great pic but for some reason has 6900 views on Flickr. The second pic is from a cruise in 2017 and the last two are from the Galley Tour, also in 2017, which I would recommend if you have the chance go on it as it is fascinating. The work that goes in to the preparation and service of food is mind boggling. Anyway lots of wonderful food, even the cruise ship is an example of exquisite icing.

For more on cruising see my post Cruising here.

Fun Fact: If you literally feel like feeding the 5000 you might want to join a cruise line as Executive Chef!

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