Spring is Tulip Time 🌷🌷

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Tulip time in spring is a big deal here in the Pacific Northwest. We have tulip farms in Oregon and Washington. These four lovely, colorful photos were taken at the Wooden Shoe Tulip Festival a couple of years ago. The tulip farm, near Woodburn, is usually open for about six weeks so you can see the entire range of color. This year, up until now, it has been wet and muddy but a brighter few days is forecast. The tulips though, look as beautiful as ever. Two of the tulip farms in Washington are Woodland and the Skagit Valley. Highly recommended for an afternoon excursion.

For more on the Wooden Shoe Tulips see here and for more see my post PNW Tulip Festivals see this link.

Fun Fact: You can fly in hot air balloon over the tulips! Check the website for details!

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