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Thought I would repost this as it goes with my previous post Old Coventry.

Coventry is usually associated with engineering and the car industry, but today, I am going to look at one of the oldest (and prettiest) industries from Coventry, West Midlands and one that is still around today – silk weaving. If you visit the Herbert Museum in Coventry you will find a wonderful exhibition on this subject. But just to give you an idea of significance of this industry I will offer a few pointers and facts:

1. Silk weaving has been an industry in Coventry since the 17th century. Originally it was undertaken in people’s homes.

2. By the 19th century, half the population of Coventry was involved in the industry.

3. Cash’s, the most famous manufacturer was established in 1846 with 100 looms. Cash’s made ribbons and other silk products.

4. In the 19th century, the industry became mechanized.

5. The Herbert family were also associated with silk weaving.

6. Cash’s is still around today making name tags and other silk items such as my photo of Anne Hathaway’s Cottage as a woven silk picture. Check out the Cash’s website and see more of their wonderful woven silk pictures.

Anne Hathaway’s Cottage, Silk Picture

Fun Fact: Cash’s used to make name tags for Queen Victoria.

See also my post on Coventry for more information on the Herbert Museum or for more on silk weaving in Coventry check this out.

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