Columbia River Gorge Part 2🌲🌲

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Three photos from the Columbia River Gorge, a National Scenic Area, on the border of Washington and Oregon. Easy to access from Portland, OR or Vancouver, WA, it is possible to drive up either side of the river. I84 in Oregon for example, follows the river past The Dalles and beyond to where the river turns towards its source in Canada. Of course there are bridges across the river, but not many, two are The Bridge of the God’s at Cascade Locks, and the Hood River bridge. Or just return to Portland where there are a couple more bridges. Anyway whatever you do, it is a wonderfully scenic drive.

See for more posts, including Columbia River Gorge Part 1, on this spectacular area.

Fun Fact: Find out about the giant Missoula Flood and how it affected the Columbia River Gorge. has a lot of great info.

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