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    A little fun today…Queues Likely…this was the queue/line going in to one Cotswold town in the summer. So if you are going to search for the road less traveled, off the beaten path and look for hidden gems in the United Kingdom the best and really only way is to hire/rent a car at the airport when you arrive. Of course you will find find differences when driving around Britain, particularly if you have come from a country that drives on the right. First off you will be driving on the left with the steering wheel on the right. You will notice you have a windshield, a bumper, a boot, tyres and a bonnet. You might have a SatNav in the car and you’ll probably have your mobile with you. You will also notice several things as you drive around: There are a LOT of roundabouts. Enter on the left and indicate as you make your turn off. There are tiny roundabouts which barely function and there are huge roundabouts with their own traffic lights. Either way, give way (yield) to traffic from the right. There will be motorways and dual carriageways and you will find many lorries on these roads. There are also tiny single track roads in the country with strategically positioned passing places (for horses). You will drive on a motorway with a speed limit of 70mph – you might find this is an estimate, you can go faster (not advised as traffic cameras are everywhere) or more likely there will be some kind of traffic event and you will be going slower. You will have to stop at pedestrian crossings, either with or without helpful traffic lights. You will also find that roadworks have their own sets of temporary traffic lights – there is no one directing traffic with a Stop sign. Parking is great – parking spots in car parks are quite often tiny and you will more often than not have to pay. Even supermarket car parks sometimes make you pay.Typical RoundaboutA Typical Roundabout

    So as you drive around Britain heed the warnings but you will find some wonderful out of the way places and it will be more than worth it!

    Fun Fact: Britain and Sweden were the safest places to drive in the world in 2011 according to the International Traffic Forum with three deaths per one billion miles driven.

    See here for more info on driving in Britain

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