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Let’s look through some arches today. Like my Windows post, arches can make wonderful frames for photographs. I think they should want to make you want to wander through and see what else lies beyond…Here I have eleven pics that I think do this. As an architectural design element arches have been around since Mesopotamian times in the second millennium BC or BCE. Arches are usually made of stone, using compression to keep all the stones in place and create the arch. Frames are used to create the shape and because some materials are less suited to being compressed, when these frames are removed the arch may sometimes collapse. It was the Romans who perfected the arch along with vaults and domes. They were often used on Roman aqueducts as well as becoming common design elements in buildings. A very early example of an arch can be seen on the Rhodes Footbridge on the island of Rhodes, Greece.

Fun Fact: The oldest Roman arch in Britain is the third century Newport Arch in Lincoln. It is also the oldest structure in Britain still used by road traffic. Unfortunately in May 2017 a truck got stuck trying to go through it after following directions on his GPS/SatNav. There was apparently no structural damage.

For more info on arches see here and the Fun Fact here.

Main photo is Carisbrooke Castle, Isle of Wight.

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