Tea Time is not Complete…

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This will be an occasional series of posts on British food – or at least food you are quite likely to encounter on a day or afternoon out. Most places you will visit are likely to have a tea shop or cafe within easy reach. See my post Time for Teaย for the delightful tradition of afternoon tea. It is quite likely that scones of some variety will be included on the menu. There are three main varieties, fruit, plain and cheese. All delicious and the first two are a natural complement to clotted cream for a wonderful cream tea. Being a Brit abroad I try to make typical British food at home – certainly a challenge in the absence of certain ingredients. I do however have a copy of the National Trust’s Tea-time Recipes cookbook and have been able to make yummy cheese scones many times. Please see the following recipe for traditional cheese sconesย here.

Tea-Time Recipes

Fun Fact
: Scones were originally a Scottish quick-bread. They are named after Scone in Scotland where Scottish kings were originally crowned. They were certainly a well known food item by 1500. Today the U.K. scone market is worth around ยฃ6.5 million annually.

For more in the history of scones seeย this website.

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