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So today my photo is of a friendly cat we spotted on a visit to Upton Park, Warwickshire. Cats are quite often resident fixtures at National Trust properties.  Chartwell in Kent, the former home of Winston Churchill has always had a resident cat. In fact, one of the stipulations of acquiring the house by the National Trust in 1965 was that there should always be a cat and it should be called Jock.  Today Jock number six is in residence. Another property, Gunby Hall, has two cats that are social media stars.  Check out @ntgunbyhall on Instagram to see their antics. Apart from the aforementioned Upton House, Chartwell and Gunby Hall, cats can also be seen at Charlecote Park, Baddesley Clinton, Canons Ashby, Attingham Park, Packwood House, Wimpole Estate and Coughton Court as well as many others. So on your next visit to a National Trust property keep an eye out for a cat lounging on a sunny bench, checking out the local mouse situation or even following visitors around the house.  

Fun Fact: Not only does the Chartwell cat have to be called Jock, it also needs to be a marmalade cat with a white bib and socks.  Today Jock enjoys afternoon naps and eats tuna. 

For more photos see here or here for more info.  For an interesting article on Jock see this website.

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