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Which is the odd picture out? On our last trip to the U.K. my son and I decided to try a different coffee shop every morning. We had plenty to choose from in Kenilworth where we stayed, and on our trips out and about. Pictured here I have The Almanack at the top end of Abbey End, bottom left, Starbucks in the Holiday Inn Hotel, top middle, Costa Coffee on Warwick Road, top right and Caffé Nero in the Precinct in Coventry, top left.  The odd one out is bottom middle which is a McDonalds in Milan, Italy – which did actually sell great coffee. Anyway, I digress.  One coffee shop we visited also in Kenilworth was Arden’s, bottom right, situated near the Waitrose store. So to pick out a favorite is difficult.  We liked the non big chain coffee shops best for the ambience and quality of the coffee. My son enjoyed Arden’s the most but I think that was because they give you a little biscuit (cookie) with your drink.  I liked The Almanack, it is comfortable and has a nice vibe and they also give you little chocolates with your drinks.  The three chains we went to were just fine, we appreciated the cups and saucers at Caffé Nero and Costa Coffee and you know what you’ll get in a Starbucks.  So next time on a trip, take a moment to check out the locally owned non chain coffee shops, you will more than likely have an enjoyable and relaxing time, after all tea is for the afternoon!

Fun Fact: Britain consumes one of the lowest amounts of coffee in Europe – 70 million cups a day. Tea on the other hand is a whopping 165 million cups a day…

See my post Time for Tea for more on the British institution of tea drinking.

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