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I know I said my recipe series would be occasional but we are into our second day of autumn and apples are in abundance here in the US and in Britain. Years ago I went to boarding school in Dorset, UK, and one of the treats we would have for tea on the weekend was Dorset Apple Cake. It had wonderful chunks of apple and was deliciously spicey. We ate it with butter, rather like toast which added another layer of yummy richness. As Dorset has been becoming well known for its farm to table cuisine so the familiarity with Dorset Apple Cake has increased to such an extent that today it is probably Dorset’s most famous recipe. So in honor of autumn and apples, here is a BBC recipe for the wonderful Dorset Apple Cake.

Recipe note: I have never seen specifically cooking apples (or cookers as they are known) in the US. I generally use Braeburns, but you might need to reduce the sugar slightly to compensate for the sweetness. Cookers such as Bramleys are usually fairly tart but hold together well.
For more info, here is an interesting blog post onΒ Dorset Apple Cake.

Fun Fact: If you visit Hardy’s Cottage in Dorset (National Trust) you can sample Dorset Apple Cake and see apple pressing for Cider (hard cider in US) on October 7th 2017…

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