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Some fun facts on the Houses of Parliament, London also known as the Palace of Westminster, London.

Fun Facts:
1: King Edward the Confessor moved his court to the Palace of Westminster in the mid 11th century.

2: Parliament was created in 1265 with the creation of the two houses, Lords and Commons.

3: At first only the Lords served from the Palace of Westminster. The Commons joined them in 1547 and the two gave been together ever since.

4: The current building was constructed in the 19th century. A fire destroyed most of the Palace in 1834 and the new neo-Gothic building was finished in 1870.

5: Big Ben was originally named St Stephen’s Tower. There have been two bells over the years, both cracked although one was repaired. The clock was the largest in the world. Today it is the largest in Great Britain. The hour hand is 9ft or 2.7m long and the minute hand measures 14ft or 4.25m long

6: The House of Commons were destroyed during World War II but rebuilt.

For more information including finding out about tours and public access see UK Parliament website and here for general history.  For all London info check here.

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