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I thought that today, as I have so many photos of churches I would take a look at the differences between churches with spires and steeples like photo 1 and towers, like photo 2. If you look at a British Ordnance Survey Map you will find different symbols for churches with steeples and towers. Why is this and why is it important? The main difference between the two is age. Steeples and spires were first built in the 12th century in Europe and were certainly being built in England by the 14th century. Towers on churches are much younger. It is because of this fact that the two are differentiated in the maps – so the observer can get a broad sense of the age of the church. So take a look, is it a tower or is it a steeple?

Ordnance Survey Symbols. Church with steeple or tower, 5th row down, left.

Fun Fact: St Martins Church, Canterbury, Kent dates from 597 CE/AD. It is believed to be Britain’s oldest church.

For more information on spires and towers see this websiteΒ or the Ordnance Survey see Β here.

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