Colby Woodland Garden

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Colby Woodland Garden
Colby Woodland Garden
Colby Woodland Garden
Colby Woodland Garden
Colby Woodland Garden
So today I thought I would go back to Wales and investigate a real hidden gem. Colby Woodland Garden is literally tucked away in the depths of West Wales. What is truly wonderful about it is the surprise it gives you as wander around the different gardens. Set as it is in what seems to be a field, it is amazing that these gardens are there and flourishing. Colby is situated in Amroth, Pembrokeshire and has links to the coal industry. Before it was a home and garden, it is known that coal was mined on land that is now the property for as long as 700 years. Among the wonderful gardens there are today are reminders of this industrial heritage, such as a old mine wheel or the old tramway. The gardens have been around since the 1870’s while the Lodge dates from the beginning of the 19th century. 

Fun Tip: Check out the quirky sculptures dotted throughout the walled garden. Also look for a painting that isn’t exactly what it appears to be… 

Extra Fun Tip: Make sure to walk through the wonderful Woodland Garden. On a clear day you will see the sea!

For more on Colby see the National Trust handbook and also my review on TripAdvisor. More on National Trust gardens can be seen on my blog here.

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