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Just a duck in a hat!
Just a duck in a hat…this photo was taken at Baddesley Clinton, Warwickshire where you can find a lot of ducks in and around the moat and in the lake. Ducks of course are found everywhere around National Trust properties where they are not just alive and living near water. Ducks also feature quite a lot in the National Trust shops, and of course they come in many forms as part of the decor within the properties themselves. This website has excellent advice on spotting birds on NT properties  plus a list of NT bird spotting properties. If you want your own duck (or robin or blue tit) check out the NT shop where you can find wooden, metal, stuffed ducks or ducks featuring on cards or stationary. This interesting website actually makes the wonderful wooden ducks you see in the shops. 

Here is my miniblog for more information on Birds, Birds, Birds.
Fun Fact: There are 92 species of duck in the world.

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