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Hmmm…There are so many British accents it is difficult to know where to start. Suffice to say it is quite possible to travel only a few miles and find yourself listening to a different accent. Apparently there are 56 recognized accents within the United Kingdom. If you want to check out and listen to fifteen different accents or look at an interactive map of British dialects here is an interesting article in the Daily Mail. Broadly speaking (no pun intended) there are West Country, Welsh, Scottish, Midlands, Yorkshire, Lancashire, London, Liverpool, North East and North West…a many more…posh accents and not so posh accents. So take a listen as you travel around and have fun trying to figure out the accent. And if you ask the answer will probably be “We don’t have an accent – you do!” This is the second in the series on British culture, check out my post on Driving in Britain too…Here it is

Fun Fact: 20% of the Welsh population speak Welsh – diolch yn fawr – your welcome!

Photo is the barn at Kenilworth Castle, Warwickshire.

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