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Four Warwickshire Properties
Four Warwickshire properties today. Spend a weekend and visit all four of these properties. From top left, clockwise, we have Charlecote Park, Baddesley Clinton, Packwood House (all National Trust) and Kenilworth Castle which is English Heritage. If you would like to use your NT membership to it’s fullest, you can easily swap out Kenilworth Castle for Coughton Court. Remarkably none of these properties are very far apart. See my various previous posts on all these properties on MyBritTrip.com

For more info on the NT see here and for English Heritage see here.

Fun Fact: By visitor numbers here are the top five NT properties in 2016 (Daily Mail). 
1. Stourhead

2. Cliveden

3. Attingham Park

4. Belton House 

5. Waddesdon Manor

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