Jersey, Channel Islands

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Jersey in the Channel Islands is a favorite spot for Brits on vacation. Situated off the Normandy coast of France the island provides an extra cultural dimension to a BritTrip. There are many picturesque beaches, towns and castles to visit as well as gardens and remnants from WWII. Jersey is nine miles by five and you are never more than ten minutes from the sea. To find out more about the history visit the 600 year old Mont Orgueil Castle, Elizabeth Castle, parts of which date from 550AD or the Jersey Heritage Centre. If you like fun there are many Adventure Parks. There is definitely something for everyone…and don’t forget the cream!

Fun Fact: Elizabeth Castle can only be approached on foot at low tide…why? It too is an island!

Extra Fun Tip: The Island of Guernsey or France can be visited on a day tour…If you visit the island of Sark you will travel by horse and buggy, no cars are allowed on the island!

Jersey hereΒ has all the infoΒ and Sark here



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