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This photo might look like an advertisement for McDonalds or maybe Pizza Hut, many of which can be found throughout Britain featuring their shout out to British tastes, but let’s take a look at more authentic and regional British fast food:

Scotland: How about battered and fried Haggis with your chips?

Wales: Or perhaps Glamorgan sausage? Or cockles or whelks with vinegar at the seaside?

Northern Ireland: NI has the Ulster Fry, basically an all day breakfast with black pudding, Irish soda bread and

England: Well here pies, chicken and mushroom or steak and kidney or a nice warm Cornish Pastie come high on this list.

But of course you can always opt for the various and usually huge portions of fish and chips (and mushy peas) which can be cod, plaice or haddock, take away Indian food, kebabs and of course many other worldwide cuisines.

For a list of Britain’s favorite fast food by city, see this article.

Fun Fact: A poll in 2017 revealed that at 35%, Chinese food was by the far the most popular take away for Brits. Indian food was second and pizza third.

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