Tenby, West Wales

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Back to Wales today and Pembrokeshire, West Wales in particular. There is so much to like about Tenby. There are castles galore in West Wales and Tenby is no exception. Today you can see the remnants of Tenby Castle on a bluff overlooking the town. 13th century ramparts still remain and are one of the many interesting attractions in the town. Take a walk along the harbor and see the picturesque and colorful houses. Tenby is wonderful for photography. If you like walking, the Wales Coast Path opened in 2012. It is the only continuous coast path around an entire country. It is 870 miles long and takes in 18 castles!!!

Fun Tip: After visiting Tenby take a side trip to the Love Spoon Workshop where you can see the ancient Welsh tradition of love spoon carving…Find out what the different designs mean and why they are part of Welsh culture.

Things to do in TenbyΒ and the visitors guideΒ have a lot of great information.



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