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Today we will visit two churches on National Trust properties. The first one is the church of St Michael at Baddesley Clinton, Warwickshire. Most of the church is late Medieval and it holds the tomb of Sir Edward Ferrers who died in 1551. The Ferrers were the original owners of Baddesley. The other is one of two churches at Coughton Court, the church of St. Peter. St Peter’s was built as a Catholic church by the original owners of Coughton Court, the Throckmortons in the 15th century. After the Reformation a century later, it became Church of England. Despite a tomb being built for Sir Robert Throckmorton, it was not taken up by him. Why? Because he died on pilgrimage to Palestine. It would 350 years before the tomb would have an occupant – another Sir Robert Throckmorton. There is today a Catholic church next to this one at Coughton, it was built by the Throckmortons after the Catholic emancipation in the 19th century.

Fun Tip: Take a look for the priest hole at Baddesley Clinton house or find out why Coughton Court was caught up in the Gunpowder Plot…

National Trust info or info on churches  have more details.

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