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So here is the first of my worldwide photos, Acapulco, Mexico. A few interesting facts about Acapulco:

1. Acapulco is famous for it’s cliff divers and it’s possible to see a show there from the La Quebrada Cliffs.

2. The β€˜jet-set’ made it a famous beach resort in the 1950’s and 60’s. Celebrities such as Richard Burton, Elizabeth Taylor and Frank Sinatra would vacation there.

3. The Fort of San Diego (from where the first photo was taken) is an interesting tourist attraction.

4. Unfortunately today, Acapulco has a reputation for drug cartels and murder. However, many well known hotels are situated along the lovely beach and it is still possible to stay safely stay there.

Fun Fact: Acapulco’s climate varies very little throughout the year with temperatures averaging in the mid to high 80’s F or 30/31 C.

For more information on Acapulco, Mexico, check out the Visit Mexico website.

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