St Davids Cathedral

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Today we will stay in Wales. If you are in Pembrokeshire in West Wales you will probably make the trek to St David’s Cathedral located adjacent to the tiny city of St David’s. What is remarkable about this spot isn’t so much the lovely but meandering route you have to take to get there but why is this giant cathedral in this precise spot seemingly a long way from a large population? There has been a church on this site since the 6th century when the patron saint of Wales, St David himself, founded a monastery there. By the Middle Ages, St David’s was declared a place of pilgrimage. Much of what you see today dates from the 12th and 13th centuries and today you can see the shrine of St David. That the cathedral became so widely known as a place of pilgrimage (two visits to St Davids equaled one to Rome) and that it was on the axis of trade routes between England, Wales and Ireland explains its significance and prominence.

Fun fact: If you look under the seats in the choir stalls you will find 16th century carvings such as the Green Man..

For more info check out St Davids Cathedral info here.

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