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Start your weekend with some very pretty cottages! Enjoy your weekend! 🏑🏑😊😊

Surprisingly, this was my most popular post on Instagram this year!!

Cottages today! Aren’t they lovely? Which cottage is the real one? They are both on the Isle of Wight- the first one is from from Godshill Model Village and the second from Old Town, Shanklin. Of course there are thatched cottages all over Great Britain. The styles of thatching may differ from place to place. Tea rooms and pubs often have thatched roofs so are wonderful to visit and take in some local history.

Fun Fact: Thatching in Britain is having a revival – there are over 1000 working thatchers today…

Visit this websiteΒ for all Isle of Wight info.

Thatched Cottage Notecards here

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