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A few of the animals I have come across over the years and I have just realized all except one pic are from Oregon and Washington! Well maybe I will have to dig some more up from other places. I don’t think they are tagged very well. Anyway, from top left, a scrub jay, an elk, a sea star, a sea lion, a sturgeon and a horse are all from Oregon. The elephants are Kenya, and the sea otter is Washington state.

One thing you can do that is really interesting is to visit Haystack Rock at Cannon Beach, Oregon when the tide is out. Then you can see all kinds of sea creatures including sea stars, anemones and sea urchins. There are also bird colonies including tufted puffins on the Rock. For more information see cannon and my post The Undersea World here

For more on tufted puffins in Oregon see this post

Fun Fact: The Haystack is a result of lava flows approximately 17 million years ago.

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