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OK – so today you have to guess where this is…I believe Milan Fashion Week was this week so thereโ€™s a clue. No answer in my next post! Yes itโ€™s the Duomo di Milano, inside and outside. Definitely worth the wait to get in if you have the chance. We bought skip the line tickets, but when we went to pick them up and supposedly skip the line, there wasnโ€™t anyone there anyway! And you still need to queue to get in. But a wonderful experience nonetheless.

Fun Fact: To The right side of the central door is a sculpture of a mythical dragon, Tarantasio. In truth it is not a dragon at all but a fossilized bone from a whale or elephant – but how and why it is there is a mystery. For more on the cathedral and the dragon see here.

Fun Tip: Visit the archaeological site under the cathedral to see what was there before and/or go up in to ramparts and get a great view of Milan. Extra cost but worth it!! โ›ช๏ธโ›ช๏ธ For general cathedral info see the main website.

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