Covent Garden, London

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So today we are back in the city and specifically Covent Garden, London. What an interesting place! Not only for its history from its origins as a fruit and vegetable market which in turn originated from orchards which grew on the site from the 12th century, but from evidence of excavations which take the site back to the 6th century when this area was known as Lundenwic. Today, it still houses a market (Jubilee Market Hall) but also shopping, dining, pubs and street performers and the Covent Garden Opera House is adjacent. In fact the converted market we see today was only opened in 1980 and is now a huge tourist attraction.

Fun Fact: By the 18th century Covent Garden was a well known red light district, there was even a book, Harris’s Guide to Covent Garden Ladies, “an essential guide” to assist gentlemen in their quest for pleasure!

Extra Fun Tip: Check out three grade two listed pubs from the 17th and 18th centuries in the area, The Nell Gwynn Tavern on Bulls Court, The Nags Head on James Street and The White Swan on New Row.

Covent Garden information here.

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