Topiary or the Practice of Ornamental Gardening…

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Ah topiary…did you know that topiary comes from the Latin ‘topiarius’ which means ‘ornamental gardening’? There is evidence that the first instances of topiary were from Roman times around 60AD when yew was the preferred tree for the practice. By the Middle Ages topiary had already become popular in Britain. Today you can still see yew topiaries large and small, all over Britain. You will find a particularly good example at Packwood House, Warwickshire (second pic). I have also included examples from Canons Ashby, Northamptonshire (main pic)Β and Lanhydrock, Cornwall (last pic).

More info on topiaryΒ and the National Trust, here but keep an eye out as you could quite possibly find examples in unexpected places…

Fun Tip: If you find yourself in Warwickshire, you can check out both the Elizabethan Parterre at Charlecote Park and the Yew Garden at Packwood House in one day…

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