Highway 99W Sunset

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πŸŒ„πŸŒ„This is a sunset from last winter, somewhere along Highway 99W between Monmouth and McMinville, Oregon. In a previous post (here), I wrote about how great this area was for wine and the Willamette Valley wine tour you can do🍷🍷. But of course there are other interesting things, for example, the Air Museum (photo 2) and Water Park at McMinnville, little towns such as Amity, Lafayette, Independence, Monmouth, Dallas, Yamhill and Carlton are all places to explore with shops, restaurants and antique stores. In fact one of the area’s biggest antique store’s is the three floor antique mall located in Lafayette.

For more on the Air Museum see evergreenmuseum.org.

Fun Fact: The Air Museum houses the Spruce Goose, Howard Hughes’ famous airplane.

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