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My posts do not often have people in them, but at least for today, I am about to change all that! So this photo is from the Polynesian Cultural Center on Oahu, Hawaii. In the photo you are looking at the cooking of the pig at the luau held in the Center each evening. Here the pig has just been cooked the Polynesian way, that is, underground and is about to be carved up for the guests. It was very tasty! But of course there is more to the Polynesian Cultural Center than the luau. There are six villages showcasing the different islands of Polynesia and their unique cultures. There is also the nightly show, Ha, Breath if Life which is excellent, lots of tourist shopping, a Polynesian Sports Hall of Fame and the story of the ukulele…

For more information check out their website.

Fun Fact: The Polynesian Cultural Center is Oahu’s number one tourist attraction!

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