Pembroke Castle, 🏰🏰

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As promised we are back in the town of Pembroke, West Wales. Famous for its castle and picturesque estuary, Pembroke us a wonderful place to base your West Wales break. The imposing 11th century castle is hard to miss. Built in 1093, the original castle was built of wood by Earl Roger of Montgomery. It would be the next century when the imposing stone fortress would be built by William Marshall, Earl of Pembroke. Later, Henry VII, or Henry Tudor would be born and raised at Pembroke. However, once king, he would never return. But he did begin the tradition of calling Royal first born sons Prince of Wales.

Fun Fact: Pembroke Castle has the Great Map of Wales – the largest painting in Britain and largest map of Wales in the world!

For all the information check outΒ the Pembroke CastleΒ website.

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