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So today I thought I would look at symbols of the British Monarchy. The first pic is an iconic red post box set in the wall near to Hidcote Gardens in Gloucestershire, the second is a Yeoman (Beefeater) at the Tower of London and the last is the Royal coat of arms displayed at Fortnum and Mason’s famous store, also in London. Royal warrants like this are displayed to show when a member of the royal family has granted a product or organization their patronage. Just in London you could make your own interesting tour tracking down the Royal warrant holders throughout town…here are a few to start with: Bendicks of Mayfair, chocolates, Burberry, clothes, Fortnum and Mason, Gieves and Hawkes, tailors, Floris perfumeries, and so on…

Fun Fact: Today there are over 800 royal warrant holders…

Lots of interesting information can be found on royal warrants here.

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