Magnificent Stained Glass

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Well today I thought I would show some beautiful examples of stained glass in churches. Of course there are magnificent examples in cathedrals all over the world but I really enjoy looking in the old small parish churches and being surprised by the sheer beauty and reverence of their windows. Some are very old such as my pic from St David’s Cathedral in Wales where some of the glass has survived since Medieval times, but my pic from Coventry Cathedral tells a very different story. It is still possible to see an example of hand painted stained glass in the ruins of the cathedral, dating back to 1450 and painted by master glassmaker John Thornton. But if you visit the ‘new’ cathedral, the particular example of stained glass I show here is less than 60 years old. Designed by John Piper and made by Patrick Reyntiens, this window in the baptistery has 195 panels. In front stands the font, itself carved from stone brought in from Bethlehem. It is an impressive experience to see this window with the sun shining through and then realize there are even more…

Fun Fact: Colored glass has been made since ancient times, both the Egyptians and Romans had discovered how to mix different chemicals to make the different colors. Stained glass in churches dates back to about the 7th century. Many themes can be present in a window besides bible stories and biblical significance. The family of the church’s principal benefactor(s), saints or royalty may also be present for example.

More information can be found here or here for Coventry Cathedral.

St David’s Cathedral Notecards here
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