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Clovelly Harbor
Don’t these photos look like oil paintings? These two photos are of Clovelly. Clovelly is situated in north Devon between Biddeford and Hartland Quay. This exceptionally picturesque village rests on a steep hillside that runs 400 feet from the top and down to the sea and harbor. There is therefore no vehicle access to the village. All access is on foot from the car park at top of the hill, through the village along the cobbled high street and down to the harbor. Once there however, quaint 16th century cottages, pubs and the working harbor will not disappoint. There is a service by Land Rover for those unable to walk using the back roads. Consequently apart from fishing from the harbor, there is little commercial activity and this wonderful village has been allowed to remain much as it always was. 

Fun Fact: See if you can spot a sledge being used to deliver goods to the village. Years ago donkeys were used to haul goods and people but they have now been retired.

Extra Fun Tip: Explore the Heritage Centre and find out all about Clovelly. The Centre is situated adjacent to the car park at the top of the hill.

For more information check out Devon Guide.

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