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Sweeties or candy…yum…this photo was taken of a sweet shop in Broadway in the Cotswolds. Anyway, with Christmas coming up, here is a little rundown of British sweets, some that have unusual names and unusual ingredients, and some more familiar that you will find around at this time of year.

Liquorice Allsorts an extremely famous mixture of all kinds of licorice sweets that can come quite often in a huge tin for Christmas. Roses are an assortment of chocolates, all kinds of flavors and popular at Christmas. Another popular brand that also comes in a huge tin at Christmas are Quality Street, a real assortment of many kinds of sweets covered in chocolate. Selection boxes are numerous and all the sweet makers make them. Cadburyโ€™s, for example, has many with a selection of their chocolate products all done up for Christmas and in the same vein, chocolates of shapes that can be hung on the Christmas tree. After Eight chocolates are little mint wafers surrounded by dark chocolate and popular with coffee after dinner…these are a nice gift. Lastly, keep an eye out for Rowntrees fruit gums and fruit pastilles, kids will like these at Christmas.

The British Corner Shop has a nice selection of British Christmas items and they ship extremely quickly. See website here.

Fun Tip: Lastly Donโ€™t forget to check out liqueur chocolates, little chocolates often in the shape of the bottle they represent such as brandy, whiskey, Baileyโ€™s, Cointreau and so on… #

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