Oxford, Oxfordshire

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Oxford is so well known for it’s university and the two rivers that run through, the Thames and the Cherwell. There are many museums, libraries and attractions but two lesser known places are the Botanic Gardens and the Iffley Road Sports Complex. The Botanic Gardens are the oldest botanic gardens in Great Britain founded in 1621 and one of the oldest research gardens in the world having done research for almost 400 years. Take a look at the wonderful collection, in the heart of the city. Iffley Road Track is home of the Roger Bannister Track where Roger Bannister ran the world’s first four minute mile.

Fun fact: Like Venice, Oxford has it’s own Bridge of Sighs. There is so much truly amazing architecture in Oxford, but the Bridge of Sighs must truly be one of the most remarkable.

More information can be found on the Botanic Garden, here and Iffley Road Track here while Oxford info can be found here.

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