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Transport is our theme of the day. There are many steam railways throughout Great Britain and you can spend some excellent time whiling away a couple of hours on an exhilarating steam train excursion. The one pictured here is the Isle of Wight Steam Railway whose main railway station is at Havenstreet, IOW. Similarly, there are several transport museums. Coventry has its Museum of Transport and not far away in Gaydon, Warwickshire you will find the British Motor Museum. Visit one or both on a day trip and explore the history of the motor industry in the Midlands. See how the industry has changed today.

Fun Fact: The British Motor Museum houses 300 British cars – the largest collection of British cars in the world…

Extra Fun Fact: Coventry Transport Museum is home to the fastest car on earth…

The British Motor Museum
The Isle of Wight Steam Railway
Coventry Transport Museum



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