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Well it had to be done…Christmas Pudding today! I am not a big fan personally because by the time you get to it you are already stuffed from turkey and all the trimmings. Anyway, Christmas Pudding is historically interesting, so here goes. Of course one of the traditions of the Christmas Pudding is to put coins in the mixture and cook. When I was little it was the old threepence and sixpence or if you were really lucky, a shilling that would go in, but how did this tradition start? Christmas Puddings may have originated as far back as Medieval times, but recipes specifically mentioning them did not appear until the 16th century when they were often referred to as plum pudding. It was around this time that several traditions began around the Christmas Pudding including getting the whole family to make wishes while stirring the uncooked ingredients, pouring brandy over the cooked pudding and setting the brandy alight, adding a sprig of holly to decorate the pudding and finally, adding in the silver coins, also a good luck charm of fortune to come in the new year.

See second photo for picture of a Christmas Pudding.

Christmas Puddings are similar to Christmas Cake in their ingredients, but instead of baking, the pudding is cooked in a bowl with a muslin lid and steamed in boiling water for several hours. Personally I wouldn’t make a Pudding as there are so many wonderful ones you can buy (and microwave) but if you would like to have a go, here is a recipe.

Other Christmas loveliness –

For Mince Pies see here.

For Christmas Cake see here.

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