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Four National Trust houses with water features…Top is Stourhead, left is Charlecote, middle is Shugborough and right is Hanbury Hall. Many large houses incorporated water into their landscape designs, whether natural such as the river Avon at Charlecote or man made such as the many ponds and lakes you might come across. Stourhead is perhaps one of the most famous and visually pleasing lakes you can explore. Capability Brown, England’s landscape architect, in the 18th century was responsible for about 170 landscaping projects. His work was famous for including water and today you can still see his work at Stowe, Croome, Badminton House and Blenheim Palace.

Fun Tip: Follies are dotted throughout many landscapes. Stourhead is famous for the several around its lake and Shugborough has an Oriental inspired folly. Croome has an interesting one. Built in the Capability Brown landscape, it set on a hill and called the Panorama Tower…

National Trust infoΒ here andΒ info on Capability BrownΒ here.

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